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1900 Mexican Grill & Tequila Bar (Dinner) »

The Basics


Cuisine: Mexican
Ambiance: Comforting-Festive
Address: 5110-1E Park Road, Charlotte, NC 28209
Neighborhood: Southpark
Phone: 704.523.1554
Web Site: 1900 Mexican Grill on Yelp
Must Taste (Dinner):

  • Drink: Dirty Margarita – similar to a standard margarita but much better – watch the rim, I think it has cayenne pepper on it!
  • Entree: Chicken Fajitas – great seasoning, plenty of chicken, onion, and green pepper. Hubby and I can easily make a meal of this with a side of queso.
  • Entree: Go for a combo and be sure to get the Chicken Chimichanga – nice crispy outside, hot gooey inside with pulled pieces of tender chicken and veggies. Yummy cheese sauce tops the dish perfectly

Best For
: Casual Date, Group Outing (with friends or co-workers)
What to Wear: casual to dressy-casual
Fave Points: Consistently delicious food, quick service, great drink options (they recently redid their drink menu which has a tequila list that reads like a wine list along with many new mixed drink options). Besides being a great restaurant, I love how the owner is super nice and a wonderful supporter of the local community.
My Fave Dish: This is a toss-up between the fajitas and the chimichanga – it depends on my mood. I love the fajitas most days, but I usually go for the chimchanga when I want something more decadent and comfort-food-like.

Menu pricing and availability subject to change.

My Dish

Hubby and I have frequented 1900 Mexican Grill for a few years now and it is one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Charlotte. For me, 1900 offers a nice midpoint between the every day Mexican restaurant and the fancier places like Cantina 1511 .


We really enjoy the casual, comfortable, and festive decor inside 1900 Mexican Grill.


The carvings on the booths always make me smile.


Chips are quickly delivered to the table…


…along with 2 types of salsa – standard tomato-based salsa and a corn-based chunky-salsa.


Hubby and I always get a side of queso, too – it’s too hard to resist that cozy, melty cheese. Every once in awhile, the cheese comes out a bit on the cool side, but our waiter/waitress is always happy to quickly heat it up for us.


1900 Mexican Grill recently redid their drink menu. At first glance, I thought I was looking at a wine list, but I soon realized the extensive list was chock full of various tequilas…how cool? The other side offered an assortment of tequila-style cocktails (and some other non-tequila options). I asked the waiter which drink he thought was best and he recommended the Dirty Margarita“This one cleans up nice! 1800 Silver tequila, Cointreau, our margarita mix, and fresh tamarind nectar. Served on the rocks.”


I was a little afraid of the Dirty Margarita because of the name, but it was fab…I think I have a new favorite kind of margarita!


The taste wasn’t altogether vastly difference than a regular margarita (not like a strawberry margarita would be, at least), but the subtle differences in flavor were welcome. Just watch out for that rim – I think the bright orange is cayenne pepper! Oh, and the drink is more price-wise than a standard margarita, but I think it’s worth the extra cost for the quality of the drink.


Hubby almost always gets Combo #2 – your choice of 2 items from about 6-ish standard options (like tacos, burritos, etc). Hubby usually gets a burrito and enchilada. The combos are served with re-fried beans and rice.


As for me, it’s always a toss up between Chicken Fajitas (so sizzly-delicious) and a Combo #2 with a must-have Chicken Chimichanga. For this meal, I went with the latter option and was not disappointed with my chimichanga and enchilada – delicious!


I love the way they do the Chicken Chimichangas here – nice, crispy-crunchy outside and tender chicken and veggies inside – all topped with a hot cheese sauce. The balance of textures and flavors is so good. Add a side of re-fried beans and side of rice..yum!

Final Dish

1900 Mexican Grill is one of our go-to restaurants when we want a laid back meal with simply delicious food. This neighborhood spot is popular with the locals probably for the same reason we love it so much – the consistently tasty food and that most-impressive tequila & cocktail list. We love how 1900 offers quality Mexican food with a reasonable price tag and comforting ambiance. Speedy service, waiters who recognize you, and a smiling owner nice touches, too.

M5 »

The Basics


Cuisine: Mediterranean
Ambiance: Simply Modern
Address: 4310 Sharon Road, Ste. W01, Charlotte, NC 28211
Phone: 704.909.5500
Web Site:
Must Taste:

  • Soup: Spring Onion – $6 – if you like French Onion soup
  • Dessert: Bread Pudding – if you like cozy desserts
  • “Feed Me Chef” – $55 – 5-course tasting menu served right in the kitchen – how cool – this would make for an extremely unique date

Pricing Samples:

  • Appetizers: $5-$15
  • Entrees: $14-$26

Fave Points: some organic ingredients, nice variety
My Fave Dish: Spring Onion Soup

Menu pricing and availability subject to change.


A peek of the kitchen.

My Dish

I went with a group of friends to M5 on a recent Saturday night. We met up around 7PM and had reservations for our party of 7. The restaurant was pretty busy but didn’t seem to have a huge line (you’ll probably want to have reservations or at least call ahead to check the wait). While we waited for our friends to all gather, we enjoyed cocktails on M5’s beautiful patio. I waited till we sat at our table before ordering anything.

IMG_5584.JPG IMG_5587.JPG

Sangria was the perfect way to start the evening.


Our group ordered a couple entrees to share.


Hubby and I ordered the spanakopita, which was delicious, but probably not the best app to order when sharing with a group – it’s on the smaller side. The spanakopita would make a better choice for yourself or to share on a date. The flavors were great.

IMG_5592.JPG IMG_5596.JPG

The calamari was a much better group-appetizer, which we enjoyed with an order of the mozzarella + tomatoes (with yummy BV) and some hummus (also good for sharing).


I was in the mood to sample the menu, so I ordered a pre-entree soup – the Spring Onion soup. The Spring Onion soup was like a French Onion soup, topped with (I believe) French bread and Gruyere cheese. The soup was absolutely delicious! I enjoyed every bite.


For my entree, I was torn between the Salmon and the Chicken Tagine. I went with the latter.


The Chicken Tagine was comprised on soft couscous and tender chicken pieces throughout, along with dried fruit. I didn’t notice a lot of vegetables, but there were a ton of the dried fruit pieces – I think I saw raisins and apricots. The dish was quite sweet, which made me wonder if the fruit had been cooked with the couscous. The waiter told me the Chicken Tagine would be sweet but it was sweeter than I expected, which was fine – an interesting play on the savory/sweet. I could also taste the flavor of cinnamon, which made for an interesting flavor combination.


Everyone was pretty full from dinner, but we saved room for dessert.


I ordered the Lavender Creme Caramel, which just like the waiter described, tasted like flan. I love unique dessert flavor combinations and really enjoyed this.


I also snapped a picture of our friend’s Baklava. They got this delivered on a tiered basket containing 2 other desserts! I was so jealous I didn’t see that on the menu, because I totally would have ordered it, too.

Final Dish

M5 would be a great choice for a chic date night, group event, or girls’ night out. Definitely try out one of the appetizers and if you can save room for dessert. If you’re looking for something a little more special, try out the “Feed Me Chef” ($55) – a 5-course tasting menu served right in the kitchen.