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The Basics


Cuisine: Winery
Ambiance: Friendly, Welcoming, + Chic
Address: 19170 Geyserville Ave, Geyserville, CA 95441
Neighborhood: Sonoma
Phone: 704.433.3104
Web Site:
What to Wear: casual to dressy casual
Fave Points: friendly people, laid back atmosphere, free tastings
My Occasion: catching up with a girlfriend
My Fave Wine: 2006 Trentadue Sangiovese, Alexander Valley Estate

Menu pricing and availability subject to change.

My Dish

After leaving Bella Vineyards + Wine Caves , we headed over to the next stop on my friend’s winery list – Trentadue Winery . This was a winery my friend had never been to, but heard good things about. We lucked out that my friend happened to have a winery map complete with winery addresses, along with a GPS system so we could enter the addresses and get directions. The GPS was very handy to have on our little road trip to easily get from one winery to another.


We passed the gate and drove down a red-leaved-tree-lined road towards the winery.


The wine tasting area was very fru-fru-looking from the outside and very pretty. It’s no wonder they do so many weddings here! In fact, there was one wedding going on while we were there!


I loved the fountain outside…especially the lions!


This winery had more counter space for us, so we grabbed a nice corner spot. Trentadue Winery offered free wine tastings from the left side of the menu – any choice of (about) 8 wines! Free wine tastings are always nice. See the etched wine glasses again?


My friend got the port tasting…


…while I got the regular wine tasting flight.


The glasses were totally different sizes! My friend’s glass was so cute and mini! I sampled a couple wines off the free list and all the ones on my tasting flight. I even got a couple sips of my friend’s port tastings. The wine tastings were all delicious. Additionally, I really liked the staff at Trentadue. They were very personable and energetic.


Yay for wine tastings with good friends!


The ladies next to us had the cutest dog! This is (I believe) a Mi-Ki. I hear it’s a new breed? I’ve certainly never heard of it before.


They even showed us some of their dog’s tricks like how she could stand.


So cute! I realize dogs have little to do with wine, but I think that this little story of the winery welcoming the dog adds to the personality of the place and shows how friendly they are.


After our entertainment, we wrapped up our wine-tasting and discussed wine-purchase-options.


I got 2 bottles! I purchased 2 reds:

I couldn’t decide between these 2 bottles of wine (both from the free list, surprisingly enough), and since they were reasonably priced, I figured it was ok to get both (especially since I had some spending money budgeted for the trip and wasn’t just charging up a storm). I can’t wait to enjoy them now that I’m home!
Anywho, after Trentadue Winery, we were off to Healdsburg, CA to get a snack, then more vino!
Final Dish

I think Trentadue Winery was my favorite winery of the trip. I felt very comfortable and relaxed during the tasting, and my friend and I were really able to kick back and have a great time between tasting wines and just catching up in general. Besides having great wine, wonderful customer service, and a welcoming environment, I had an overall feel-good-feeling after leaving this winery. I’d happily return to Trentadue next time I’m in the area.