About Diana

I grew up in a family where food always played an important role.  My father grew up in a less than desirable financial situation that meant his daily eats were often times challenging.  When my sister and I were growing up, my dad would tell us story after story about this experiences growing up in an all-boys school for orphans.  One of the most memorable was the story of how the boys were served trays of food in the cafeteria at mealtime, and each table would have its own tray, which 1 boy was in charge of re-filling.  The boys would share the food and eat as fast as possible to get as much of the “good food” as there was available and quickly send their waiter back for seconds and thirds until the food ran out.  After the food was gone, the meals were supplemented with trays of white bread and brown gravy, which they would half-heartedly eat to fill up, if they didn’t eat fast enough during the first round or two.

Because of his background, good + nutritious food has always been a high priority in my dad’s life, and he strove to ensure his family was always well-fed.  He loved (and still loves!) to make sure that we have the best food both at home and out.   My dad’s passion for food and natural curiosity has driven us to explore many a recipe and many a restaurant.  While we  frequently enjoyed the masterful creations coming from my mom’s kitchen, we also got to enjoy creative concoctions from various chefs and restaurant kitchens.  My dad tried to pass on his curiosity to us girls by encouraging us to always try new foods, teaching us to eat “widely”, and taking us to a variety of style of restaurants.  Though I didn’t exactly appreciate his advice when I was a kid (what kid wants to try a new vegetable when they could just go for something sugary?), it appears his teachings have finally worn off and I’m thankful for them.

My dad’s passion for delicious food has been passed on to me and his childhood stories have taught me to really appreciate good food.   I love to cook meals for my husband and myself to enjoy and also love to try the foods that restaurants and shops around me have to offer.  I love to experiment with the restaurants in my home town, and whenever I’m heading out of town, I’m quick to begin researching the best eats of my destination.  Sometimes, I even know which restaurants I want to visit and what I want to order at them weeks before we’re scheduled to go.  While I blog about cooking on a separate blog, I hope to share my eating adventures out-and-about, driven by my appetite to explore, here on Diana’s Dish.

About Diana’s Dish

A couple things to note about me and this blog:

  • Blogging about food is not my full time job.  I don’t accept money for my posts, so these posts aren’t sales pitches.  I just like to share my restaurant experiences through my pictures and words and my hope is for someone to find the information here helpful, if not entertaining.
  • I’m jut a girl who likes good food and enjoys trying new restaurants as well as visiting tried and true favorites that always satisfy.
  • I have a natural curiosity when it comes to cuisine, and I look forward to trying new foods and drinks.  I’ll pretty much try anything once, and I’m always looking for the next big thing.
  • I try to blog about what I know, so each post is tailored to my personal experience whether I’m on a date with my husband or out with girlfriends.
  • I try to make objective recommendations on dishes, but my recommendations are based on my opinion and as everyone knows one man’s trash is another one’s treasure.  I don’t expect you to like everything I suggest, but I do try to qualify those suggestions so you can try to feel out if they’re up your alley.
  • I live in Charlotte, NC, but I refuse to make this blog solely a Charlotte Food Blog.  One of my favorite parts of travel is the experience of the local cuisine and you bet I’m going to blog about it.
  • I’m happy to accept restaurant suggestions and/or blog feedback, so please feel free to email me at dianasdish at gmail dot com if you have any.